Choosing a Good Bridal Studio For Your Gowns

Remember to do your research early and never be lazy when choosing a good bridal studio or wedding gown rentings in Singapore company for you to rent your wedding gown.

This can be a tough journey but remember, you and your partner must do your part to find the best wedding gown and wedding suit!

Since you have to call your maids to help you with the dress, let them promise not to share information with others. Remember it is a surprise, and you want to look unique. For example, check out this post on the renting a wedding gown in singapore.

bridal dress

The choice

Every wedding couples dream of getting the best gown. After discussing, you know the needs and preferences. It is not always money that counts. You have to understand why you go with a certain trend and not the others. It is better you choose a cheap dress that you understand and love, than go for high priced Singaporean wedding gowns that mess your day.

Always go for the one within your budget and plan it wisely. Do not overspend it, and that is why you are renting a wedding gown in the first place.

bridal dress

Get references

Your Singaporean wedding is unique. Wear something that suits you and leave people asking questions. If you want to achieve this, you have to use references who guide you on various letting options. Many people who know where to shop and a unique designer dresses location. You can also go for online shopping spree.

There is a penalty to pay for the gown if it is dirty, so do note of the location and it will surely help in this aspect.


Good Food Goes With Best Yacht – Tips To Get The Right Yacht Charter‏ in Singapore

yacht chartering

Good food is an enjoyment in life. You need to have a good platform to present and enjoy the wonderful wedding food that you are going to present to your guests. Yacht chartering is a good way for that.

The yacht rental services in Singapore you decide to use must be licensed, insured, and operate within the periphery of the law. This will help you be compensated accordingly in case something goes wrong during the voyage. In order to get most out of your packages, choose companies that offer options to destinations. This will not only help you save time and money in the long-run, but you have opportunity to use the best facilities on the market. In other words, you will be able to rent facilities at competitive prices irrespective of your preferred destination.

yacht chartering

There are several factors you need to consider before choosing a package on yacht chartering in Singapore that you think will meet your needs. While the costs associated with your preferred package must be looked into, service delivery must be at par with accepted market standards. The time taken to reach points of interest and different destinations must be in line with what the company outlines plans . Furthermore, it is highly recommended to find out if the company offers alternatives in their packages. For instance, find out whether they have luxury motor packages, mega packages, or do they only offer super yacht packages. Always do some research about these packages and chose one that is tailored to your unique needs.

It is important to know that the duration you will take at the sea is central in determining yacht-type you hire. For example, what you can use over the weekend by 5 people, is not in any way not be ideal to be used by 10 persons for a couple of months.

The best way to get good bargain is to find out what discounts are offered based on period of rent. Whether you want to experience the cultures and waters of the Mediterranean, or explore the islands of the Caribbean, make it a point to choose yacht rental services that deliver to customer expectation.

3 Amazing Wedding Ideas You Can Use

Now that you are preparing for your wedding, the next important question that comes to your mind: What theme should you go for? If you are in a whirlwind of ideas and not sure what to go about, don’t worry, nor fret. As you read on, you will discover 3 amazing ideas you can use. If not, you can use it to generate ideas for your theme.

There are countless ideas you can use to make it an unique experience. Think about it, do you have a passion, a hobby, something that you really enjoy doing it? It can even be linked to your preference of food. For example, you really like cupcakes. You can have a cupcake themed wedding. Everything from wedding decoration to wedding favour is deliciously and sweetly crafted. 

A unique wedding theme comes not from just ideas. It comes from you. Think about what makes you, you? Your preferences, ideas, as well as dreams and visions.

If you dream of being a zoologist, you can have an animal themed wedding. Why not? It should be fun!

Read on to be inspired!

Animal Kingdom

Perhaps you really love animals or bugs since you were young. You are a big animal lover and you have many pets. Friends and relatives know you as a big animal lover. In that case, you can decorate your wedding ceremony into something related.

Like a forest or lion’s den. Make it interesting and fun. Use animal props as part of your decoration. Wedding favours can be animal inspired. Have your servers wear animal themed costumes is also a good idea.

If you like Lion King, for example, you can also theme your wedding after that. Think about it, brainstorm and do research. There are countless animal inspired costumes to make it a really interesting wedding theme.

Straight Out From a FairyTale 

A fairy tale theme is every girl’s fantasy and ideal dream. Every girl have a different one. Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, even to the latest Frozen and Shrek.

Many girls love ideas of castles, pumpkin carriages, white horses, a handsome prince and also the words “happily ever after”. 

They love being the princess in their fairytale, living happily ever after with their prince charming. A sweet ending is what we all want and a fairytale wedding ceremony is a dream for all girls.

Have your wedding decorations, favours and also wedding gown tailored to it! 

Some people even hold their weddings at the world’s happiest place – Disney Land!

If you and your partner like some cosplay, this theme definitely can be explored. Dress up! Decorate the venue with your dream fairytale story! This will immediately give guests a personalised and unique theme.

Snowy White Wedding

Think about Christmas, snow, winter, cold and cosy. Christmas and snow always come to our minds, hand in hand. Christmas also invokes a loving feel, it brings warmth and love in the cold snow.

Christmas is also a very romantic season because of winter. You can find many people getting married during winter too. The warmth of candles bring comfort in the cold. This is probably one of the cosiest things you can find. 

Have your wedding during the christmas season or having your venue model after Christmas is a good way of having a wedding theme.

Since it is also during holiday season, people are likely to be free during that period of time. Your wedding venue can be very romantic with just a few touch ups because winter is naturally romantic already. More over, venues will already decorate themselves in the winter and Christmas mood.

You will most likely save a hefty sum on this.

Food Items For Your Wedding Favour That Rock!‏

wedding food

Are you thinking of baking wedding cakes for your wedding favour? There are many types of wedding favours that you can bake, actually. Other than cakes, cookies and cupcakes are popular choices too. There are many types of cookies that you can actually bake as well.

Wikipedia says:

“A party favor or party favour (see spelling differences) is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity.”


Wedding cookies adds a nice touch to the cake as well, as they match and go with each other’s designs, make sure they complement each other.  Guests will think about and have a unique wedding experience shared with you the beautiful memories. Nice and sweet memories will be brought back with this ingenious idea. So if you want people to remember you having a sweet wedding, having wedding favours that go with your wedding cake will make a big difference.

A popular cookie design is baked in the shape of the gingerbread man. It is cute and adorable, it will create a lasting impression in peoples’ minds. Or you can make the cookie design as if they are wearing the wedding gowns and suits individually. This is creative and stands out, guests will not forget anytime soon. Have the suit with white cholocate, frosted sugar and even dark chocolate to bring out the contrast with those colours of the suits and gowns.

Some couples like to use fortune cookies too. It has a secret note inside wrapped by the cookie. Have fun and interesting facts about the couples and guests will be curious to find out what hidden fun facts are there about the couples that they have no idea of.

If you are a chocolate lover, you can bake chocolate cakes, or use chocolate itself as wedding favours. Chocolate fondue, a chocolate fountain and you have many fruits available are good wedding favours. You can design special chocolate bars, chocolate on a stick with a teddy bear design, chocolate doves, roses, and many ideas. The outcome is infinite as long as you can conjure it.

Also, other than baking, lets have a look at beverages. Do you like coffee or tea? Some tea lovers will specially their favourite tea and have people, friends and relatives, or even themselves, work through the night to sift those tea leaves into special little tea bags and use them as wedding favours. The thing is that they love drinking tea, and they particularly love this blend or brand of tea that they want to share it with the guests that came for their special occasion.
If you like coffee, consider having coffee beans, or coffee powder into cute little sachets or bags as wedding favours. Some people like a unique blend, some people likes aromatic blend. You can even add in the chocolate idea into the coffee idea. Have them in chocolate and coffee powders and when guests want to drink it, they can either have them separately or mix it together! Mixing it gives them Mocha, if not they can enjoy the coffee or chocolate on their own. Two birds with one stone!

Sometimes, it is not that difficult to come up with unique personalised wedding favours. These fun edible ideas will bring great memories and intrigue your guests.